Most Powerful All Saints Day Miracle Prayer

Most Powerful All Saints Day Miracle Prayer

Dear, Holy Saints of God,

We join our prayers of praise to yours on this day.

With you, we sing of God’s goodness, rejoice in God’s mercy

And celebrate God’s, incredible love

Teach us to live as you lived – always thinking of others,

always recognizing our weaknesses

Always rejoicing in God’s gifts,

Always closely following Jesus

Blessed are you, Happy are you

All you holy saints of God

Pray for us, that we too, may someday

be among God’s Holy ones. AMEN

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

As it was in the beginning is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.


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  1. Jesus I need you to send Casey to me for a couple days so I can hang out with him and get infected by his energy. I need some of that crazy energy to get going. Also I could really use some strength, some mercy, some and some super faith. I need to say Thank you for working on my brain last night. Sorry it kind of left me anxious when I was looking thru my phone. I found an awakening. Please Jesus, can you take me step by step thru this, and tell me what all this means? I love you my precious Jesus.You make me so dizzy just thinking about you. We have entered our next step. Love love love to you. I also think it’s time the Holy Spirit comes and makes a home in me. Please Holy Spirit. I love you, and there is so much for you to teach me, so you are so welcome to come into me if you would and if you would teach me and help me do a really good job for Jesus’s Glory. Thank you for helping me, and loving me every single day. In the name of our beautiful names of the Father, the Son, and of Holy Spirit. Amen.

  2. Please Lord Jesus, hear my prayer. Please, I pray for President Trump, that he continue to work with you. You are trully making a difference for our country. I pray that all the people that have caused so much pain for so many, have to pay.
    Please, I continue to pray for your lost souls. Let them see your miracles, and know, without a doubt, that you are calling your lost sheep home. Please, I pray for all the children stolen, kidnapped, taken, lost to evil. Shine your beautiful light on them, and have your most beautiful angels to bring them back home.
    I pray and continue to trip up evil, and their plans to do damage on this whole earth.I pray that “Big Head” , the demon that is hanging out in my bedroom fan, disappears. He belongs to Satan, and he needs to leave. He has evil on his heart, pure evil against me.
    I pray for everyone on this planet, that is dealing with hardship.I want to pray for everyone that has lost someone, and ease their pain. I want to also pray that everyone of these people get a miracle, to know you are with these people, you love these people, and you can save them, and be their God. I pray that in their pain, they will see your truth. I pray that anyone trying to overthrow the Government, be foiled from the start. Jesus you are doing such an awesome job, O Jesus, you are so amazing at every turn.
    Please, I pray for Jesus, that you are in the best health you have ever been in, and that keeps going thru eternity. We need you to continue to fight our battles, and be amongst our people this time. You will really feel the love this time.
    I pray for Israel, and hope she has your hand on her, and she continues to be your love. I pray that something happens so you can oust the President. I pray that you might be able to find someone new to take on the job, but someone that will lead the country, and your people in the right direction. I continue to pray for the older generation, and them feeling that they are cheating on the Jewish Bible, by having new thoughts about Jesus. Please guide them into a new kind of thinking Lord. Continue to bless the old Rabbi’s with new visions.
    I pray that when this all gets really going, our loss is small. Jesus, and please, I pray that you are taking good care of yourself.
    Please, I continue to pray for anyone using weapons. You will fail big time. Your weapons and your Pill popping and DNA changing weapons are broken, won’t work, faulty, and your big bombs will drop onto the ocean and just sink.
    O Jesus, my Prince of Peace, you will show them how its done. I have so much faith in you, and I love you. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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