Powerful Prayer Against Addiction

Powerful Prayer Against Addiction

Heavenly Father, we pray this prayer for all those caught in addiction,

whether it be to drugs, alcohol or sex.

We pray for these who have the desire to come out but are not able to fight the temptations.

We pray for those who are fighting this addiction in rehabilitation centers.
Hear their hearts, Father, we pray. Deliver them from this ugly, destructive habit.

Lord, we know that addiction is not an easy battle to be won

and they need You in all their difficult times to overcome the temptation.

Lead them Lord through the right channels and right people to see them go

through the rehabilitation process and come out of this, well and good.

We thank You, Lord and we believe nothing is impossible for God,
and through You and the Holy Spirit, His works are miraculous.

Grant, Lord we pray that our society improves

and there are less people who waste their precious lives in addiction.

We thank You, Lord Jesus, as we lift up this prayer in Your blessed name, Amen!


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