Receive the Peace of the Lord into Your Life and Soul With This Powerful Prayer

Receive the Peace of the Lord into Your Life and Soul With This Powerful Prayer

If there is one thing we all want deep inside, it’s peace. The world might try, but it can’t give you the peace your soul needs. Our imperfection makes it impossible for peace to come from human effort alone. We have to try, but in all things we must acknowledge God is in control. And there’s the miracle – the Lord shows us the way through forgiveness, love and sacrifice – not control. The source of true peace rests in the wounds of Christ.

Dear Heavenly Lord,

I know the world suffers From complexity and confusion.

I know my life too Isn’t perfect, easy or always clear.

So where can I go But to you? Here and now, Oh Lord, May I rest in your peace.

I won’t ignore reality, But without you I lose meaning, I lose hope.

And with you, my soul sees clearly Even if my head doesn’t.

This is the peace I receive from you The peace in my soul.

We fight and we struggle, We try to convince, but in the end,

Only you are the owner And administrator of grace.

So I bow down to you In fear and reverence. Not because you condemn me,

But because your love Overcomes and overwhelms me.

So here, now Let my soul rest in you.

Oh, how you love and care for me My dearest, loving Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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  1. my husband name is jaikumar. Please prayer for my husband. He spend time one lady house. Daily come midnight. That lady name is pushpa. Please prayer for me. He loves my family.

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